Not every automobile accident requires the assistance of an attorney. If there have been no physical injuries, and if a cooperative insurance company handles the matter in good faith, a person may be able to resolve their claim without hiring a lawyer.

However, where a serious injury has occurred, or where the nature and extent of the injury is unclear, “going it alone” can be a costly mistake. Insurance companies train their representatives to totally reject claims when they can, and to settle the others as quickly and cheaply as possible. In many cases, the claim representative (also sometimes called an “adjuster”) may give the impression that he or she is on the side of the injured “claimant,” and suggest that there is “no need to hire a lawyer.” Be careful! While the desire to resolve a claim without paying an attorney is understandable, that impulse often results in a seriously injured person being skillfully manipulated into abandoning his or her claim, or settling it too soon and for too little money.

Mark Smith began his practice working for insurance companies in the defense of personal injury litigation, ultimately becoming a partner in a large law firm dedicated to that type of legal work. Later, Mr. Smith chose to represent injured people and families instead. His years of “insurance defense” experience gives Mr. Smith valuable insight into the insurance claims process. That insight can be of great help in the investigation and settlement of injury cases.

Cincinnati Automobile Accident Attorney

To discuss your automobile accident with Mr. Smith, please call 513-287-7447, or send him a direct message through the website contact form. There will be no charge for the initial consultation, and cases are generally handled on a “contingency fee” (percentage of recovery) basis.