Dental malpractice can have serious consequences. Facial nerves can be permanently damaged. Uncontrolled infection or anesthesia errors can cause injury, or even death. More commonly, the one and only set of adult teeth we are given can be injured or partially lost.

Not every dental complication indicates the need for a legal claim – in fact, most do not. Dental negligence cases, while sometimes less complex than those involving doctors and hospitals, are still “malpractice” cases.  So they can be challenging and costly to litigate. If the injury is modest, an unhappy patient may learn that a legal case might cost more than simply getting the unsuccessful dental work fixed.

But there are times when a general dentist may attempt work better left to a specialist like an oral surgeon, endodontist, or prosthodontist. And even those specially-trained dental professionals can miss the mark in harmful ways. When dental mistakes cause serious and lasting injuries, a legal claim may be necessary.

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