Mark B. Smith Client Endorsements


I hired Mark to represent me for a personal injury sustained in a car accident in which a semi-truck hit my car. Mark was very professional and explained everything that would happen and what my wife and I should reasonably expect the outcome to be.

I wanted him to represent me because he had significant experience both representing trucking companies and those with injury claims against them. He was very communicative at each step of the process ensuring that we understood what was happening and what to expect next. We are not lawyers and, thankfully, Mark didn’t use a lot of legal jargon, but made sure that we understood what he needed from us and what he would be doing in plain language. He called regularly to check on my recovery and I genuinely felt that he was more concerned about my health and well-being than about ‘Closing the case’ to get paid.

I felt that his legal experience and capabilities as a lawyer were the reasons for what I considered to be a very good and fair settlement. He made sure that my wife and I both understood what a good, but reasonable, settlement should be given the injuries and suffering we both sustained. Mark made sure that my wife felt part of the process and validated that she was also suffering from me being injured and during the ensuing recovery.

His office staff was very courteous and made us feel very comfortable every time we called or visited his office. We felt that everyone was concerned about us and made all aspects of this legal process easier for us as we coped with my injuries, recovery, and a confusing process for those of us who are not lawyers. All phone calls, mailings, documentation, and conversations were handled effortlessly and I felt confident throughout the process. My wife and I were confident that we were being represented very well and that the legal processes would be carried out professionally.

I had not before been in a serious car accident like this from which I sustained serious injuries. I wasn’t in any condition to handle processing the enormity of the medical bills and car insurance discussions nor did I really know how to deal with the trucking company. Mark put an immediate stop to the harassment my wife endured from the local representative of the trucking company’s insurance carrier. They called repeatedly and even came to our house to assess the extent of the injuries their driver caused and my condition.

I needed someone to guide me through this personally difficult time and to provide effective, capable, legal representation with expertise that I didn’t have. I found these things with Mark and I highly recommend him as a very capable and caring lawyer. – Rob

Mr. Smith is a hard working attorney that went out of his way to treat my case like it was his only case and got my wife and I as large of a settlement as possible he made the best of a bad situation. – Alex
Mark is a very understanding and thorough lawyer. I was treated as a person and not a case number. He kept me up to date on my case and answered any questions or concerns that I had. – David
Mark worked on my malpractice case tirelessly and he was on it point till the day that my case was settled. Mark was able to handle my case with ease, determination and was able to think of situations to help me understand and navigate my case. Mark was friendly to everyone involved with my case and he was able to get the information that he needed for the case. Mark also walked me step by step on what to expect in the beginning all the way through to the end of the case. He was worth every cent that he was paid for his expertise and he never let up on trying to find the right expert witnesses and also witnesses to the event in question. I would highly recommend Mark to be your lawyer as his knowledge and expertise will get you the results that you are looking for. – Jeff D.
I hired Mark Smith in a matter involving medical malpractice and wrongful death. The diligence and professionalism of Mark and his staff were of the highest level, surpassed only by his unwavering empathy during our difficult ordeal. – Dave S.
Our family hired Mark Smith when our 84-year-old mother was hit head on by a pickup truck. She was severely injured and air cared to the hospital. She was given a 50/50 chance of living by doctors. We were very concerned for our mother’s health and possible ongoing health issues for the rest of her life. When we contacted Mark he personally came to our home to see my mother and to speak with her. He was very sincere and concerned for my mother’s health and case. He felt like part of our family. When Mark spoke to us, he spoke in terms we could understand. He called several times keeping us updated on the progress with the case and always asked Mom what she wanted done. He listened and did what she asked. We won the case with a settlement of several hundred thousand dollars without having to enter a courtroom. We would highly recommend Mr. Smith to anybody who needs help in a situation like ours. He is a very caring, knowledgeable, confident, and highly skilled in litigation & mediation. Thank you once again, Mark. – Patty F. 
Mark went above and beyond to get a substantial settlement for us. This significantly improved our quality of life following a medical malpractice. He was thorough, diligent, and always available and attentive. It is evident he sincerely cares for his clients. – Mark and Brenda M.
Mark B. Smith is of the highest professional and personal integrity.  He is experienced, ethical, knowledgeable and has seasoned professional judgement accompanied with compassion. He is an attorney for the client. Choose the right legal team of Mark B. Smith as they were a pleasure to work with. – Pam S., Dayton, Ohio
I was in a horrible wreck about 1 mile from my house. I had a broken left femur, a broken knee, a broken ankle, a broken right ring finger and level 3 concussion. I had to be air cared to UC to the trauma center. I spent 1 week at UC before getting transferred to a nursing home for rehab. This is where I met Mark. All I have are kind words to say. Mark is excellent in what he does. He kept me informed of the whole case. He called me weekly to inform me of what the progress of the case was. He worked hours and hours on the case to get me the best I could get. I have recommended him to several people. I had never had a lawyer in my life, and I am glad that Mark was mine. If I have any other types of problems I would go to him and highly recommend him to anyone else. Mark always had me in the top priority . . . I was so happy and satisfied with him and highly, highly recommend his services to anyone. Thanks again Mark you are the best in my eyes and I am so fortunate to have met you, and that you are my lawyer!! – Julie H.
Working with Mark B. Smith Co., LPA was a good decision.  After an accident, my Corporate attorney recommended Mr. Smith to handle my personal lawsuit against the insurance company of the offender for medical reimbursement and damages.  I found Mr. Smith to be very knowledgeable and very attentive.  We were able to settle out of court for an amount that was more than I had expected.  After the settlement, he negotiated directly with different medical facilities to reduce the bills, which resulted in a higher amount of the cash settlement for me.  I would definitely recommend Mark Smith Co., LPA to anyone. – Jack L. 
You won’t find anyone more caring with his knowledge and experience. We lost our daughter to medical malpractice. Mr. Smith took our case when others wouldn’t even look at it and proved that malpractice was the reason we lost her. Bottom line is if you need an attorney in this field you can’t find anyone better. Mr. Smith and his office helped us to get closure during this tragic time of our lives and for that we will be forever grateful. – Teresa and John B.