Courts During COVID

COVID has been an unprecedented challenge for our country. For the court system – which relies on bringing people together to discuss, debate and resolve issues – it has been particularly difficult. During 2020 and early 2021, judges were reluctant to summon jurors and ask them to sit together to hear a case. Some courtrooms were specially outfitted with plexiglass, and a few trials took place. But by and large the system bogged down. Mass vaccination offered hope for normalcy, but a surprising number of people have not been vaccinated. Now the Delta variant threatens to take us backward, toward another year of remote contact, again delaying many cases that have already been on the docket for too long. Some have concerns that COVID will alter the makeup of juries, as only certain types of people will be willing to come to court to hear cases. Insurance companies – which make more money when they pay out fewer claims – have probably benefited from COVID in several ways. For example, delays in the progress of claims and civil cases may motivate injured people to settle their claim for less than they deserve simply to “get it over with.” A large insurance company can “wait out” an injured person or family until it gets the settlement it wants. Lawyers handling car and truck injury cases, medical malpractice claims and wrongful death litigation will need to be even more proactive and creative in their approach.

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